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Anyone, at any age, can enjoy the benefits and pleasures of keeping a backyard chicken flock. Whether you have yet to take the plunge and buy your very first chickens or are a seasoned chicken owner, the newest Guide to Backyard Chickens is an enjoyable read for everyone!

This guide from Grit is 100 pages of articles written by chicken experts. It provides more than 65 keys to keeping a healthy, productive flock, plus recipes for eggs and chicken meat, DIY chicken coops, and information on owning guinea fowl, ducks and geese.

Learn whether free-range, forage or a combination of the two make an effective diet for your chickens. Discover the rewards of raising chicken for meat, from pasture to freezer. Follow simple instructions for building the perfect chicken coop with a unique design suited for a few chickens in a small backyard. Read how piling on the mulch makes for great compost and helps maintain better chicken health in the coop.

More articles include:

  • Hatch a Flock – Insider tips on incubating eggs.
  • Cooking with Backyard Poultry Flock – Your backyard flock keeps growing, and you have more eggs and chicken meat to cook with than you do recipes … or you did until now.
  • Build a Weatherproof, Pest-Proof Chicken Feeder – Feed your flock without encouraging mold or supporting the local mouse and starling populations.
  • DIYs for Your Flock – Homesteaders, check out a lightweight chicken tractor and a chicken plucker you can make yourself.
  • A History of Geese as Guard Animals – Owning a flock of geese is also a great way to control weeds.

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