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This beautiful, photo- and story-driven book showcases America’s pioneering eco-friendly farmers, with more than 50 recipes!

Interest in local, sustainable food is at an all-time high. Devotees of farmers market and community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, backyard homesteaders, and community gardeners all want to know more (much more) about how our food is raised. Now, seventh-generation farmer and author Forrest Pritchard introduces us to 18 heroes of the sustainable food movement.

Pritchard and photographer Molly M. Peterson travel all across America to meet these visionary farmers and learn about their struggles and triumphs, whether rejuvenating a generations-old farm or just putting down roots. A rich and varied group portrait emerges, including:

  • Suburban vegetable farmers and free-range livestock ranchers.
  • Urban honey gathering on top of Dallas skyscrapers.
  • The unique connection between a Colorado penitentiary and a dairy goat farm.
  • A citrus grove in California, a sustainable fishery on Cape Cod, and beyond!

With more than 100 engaging photos and 50 mouthwatering recipes, Growing Tomorrow is both a farm-inspired cookbook and an enlightening homage to the people who provide us with delicious, fresh food … and who ensure that it will be there tomorrow, too.

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