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Mother Earth News and Grit have pulled together four guides that are packed full of articles that include tips, DIY projects, recipes, advice, and much more, all in this one Country Resource set. There are more than 150 keys and tips on using cast iron for cooking, earning a living on a farm, raising healthy rabbits, and producing a healthy and productive chicken flock.

The set includes:
-Grit Guide to Backyard Chickens, 7th Edition
This guide from Grit is 100 pages of articles written by chicken experts. It provides more than 65 keys to keeping a flock, plus recipes for eggs and chicken meat, instructions for DIY chicken coops, and information on owning guinea fowl, ducks, and geese.

-Grit Guide to Backyard Rabbits, 5th Edition
Looking to start raising rabbits for meat? Want to be successful in the rabbit show ring? Wondering how you can keep those pesky wild rabbits out of your garden? This guide is the answer to all these questions and many more. Inside this 100-page guide you'll find more than 69 keys to a successful rabbit-raising enterprise. Nearly 20 articles are included, as well as heartwarming photos and a list of recommended rabbit resources.

-Mother Earth News Guide to Living on Less, 7th Edition
Are you looking for simple ideas to save money? This resource guide has dozens of ideas to help you save money on food, housing, and energy, while also living a greener life. This 100-page guide is packed full of articles for earning a living on a farm by building a tiny home without a mortgage, planting a bountiful garden, raising livestock, and more.

-Grit Guide to Cast-Iron Cooking
Read all about cast-iron cookware, the versatile, durable, and easy to use, original nonstick cookware. This beautiful guide from Grit contains more than 25 ways to use cast iron, including more than 50 recipes using cast-iron cookware. Nearly 100 pages of articles cover the history of cast-iron cookware, teach how to season new or rusted cast iron, guide you to become an expert with a Dutch oven, and much more.

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