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When disaster strikes, bugging out will be sufficient to escape short-term danger. But when widespread collapse comes, survival will depend on having a long-term prepper retreat ready and waiting. Prepper’s Survival Retreatsbreaks down the daunting task of strategic relocation into manageable steps that allow readers to create a personalized plan appropriate for their budget, needs, and specific goals.

No two preppers are alike and no two strategic relocation plans should be the same. In one case, a well-stocked bunker deep in the woods will work. In another, a fortified working farm is the right solution. Or perhaps there is a group of preppers who wish to live as a self-sufficient community, complete with their own bylaws and collective defense. Regardless of the plan, this book will show how to put together the perfect survival retreat for every prepper.

Pages: 169

ISBN-10: 1-61243-726-5

ISBN-13: 978-1-61243-726-2

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